Reading activity Summary
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    ? the longer you read, the stronger the feelingpasting? 

    Early summer, the wind blowing roses, small lotus bloom, phoenix flowers are brilliant. In response to the call of "National Reading"from President Xi and Shenzhen, our company has launched a reading activity to create a learning atmosphere and build a learning enterprise to encourage colleagues to read more and good books. From April to now, the reading activity has lasted for more than one month. From reading plan to reading comprehension, from reading PPT to reading sharing meeting, we seem to have inserted the wings of dreams, soaring in the ocean of knowledge.

    With the careful preparation of colleagues, we launched the joyful reading and sharing tours on the afternoon of May 29 and June 4. 13 participants from colleagues took part in this Sharing. Participants share a wide range of books, including pharmacy, management, realistic novels and psychology books. The sharing meeting started with a short video "Dong Qing -- The Power of Reading" which aroused everyone's thinking. The interactive Q&A session increased the fun for this activity. Let us review the wonderful moments of the book sharing session together!

    Book 1: “The Little Prince"

    Introduction: Although the little Prince tells a fairy tale, it can also be called a rare book of mind and philosophy reading.

     Reading inspiration: reading is a kind of responsibility, a kind of art to enjoy life, and also a kind of upward force.


    Book 2: " Great me - Self-Development Psychology"

    Introduction: This book explores how to change your mindset and build a growth mindset, and how you can develop a better self in your relationships.

    Reading comprehension: books have become an indispensable part of my life.


    Book 3: "Anti-fragility"

    Introduction: This book makes us realize that although the Black Swan incident cannot be predicted, we can use the method of gaining uncertainty to turn ourselves into an anti-fragile system.

    Reading inspiration: More reading can make live colorful, more extensive and wiser.


    Book 4: "The Ordinary World"

    Introduction: This book portrays the image of many ordinary people from all walks of life at that time, as well as the difficult and tortuous road they have gone through.

    Reading inspiration: Reading gives me a space and time to talk with myself, which makes me more open-minded.


    Book 5: " Thinking Rubik's Cube: The Paradox that Puzzles Philosophers and Mathematicians"

    Introduction: This book takes you through more than 100 classic paradoxes on your way to bizarre logic maze and awakens your strongest brain.

    Reading inspiration: books are the best friends.

    Book 6: “QBD and Drug research and development"

    Introduction: This book uses a large number of examples to introduce a new method of drug development currently in use internationally, as well as the specific application in drug research and development with examples.

    Book 7: "The Story of Sahara"

    Introduction: this book is a collection of essays created by Sanmao.

    Reading Inspiration: reading can broaden our vision and be affected different life experiences.

    Introduction: This book uses a large number of examples to introduce a new method of drug development currently in use internationally, as well as the specific application in drug research and development with examples.

    Book 8: "Virus Planet"

    Introduction: It is a booklet with more than 100 pages, detailed introduction of the grudges and resentments in acquaintance get along with and fight against between human beings and viruses.

    Reading inspiration: like mining, reading is "gold in the sand".

    Book 9: "Drug Discovery-From Hospital Bed to Wall Street"

    Introduction: This book aims to open the doors and windows of the pharmaceutical industry to everyone.

    Reading inspiration: No matter reading or writing, it services for us.


    Book 10: "The Power of Habit"

    Introduction: a book full of behavioral experiments and scientific analysis.

    Reading inspiration: reading a good book is like having a good friend.

    Book 11: “Mind Cultivation, Three Nos "

    Introduction: this book tells three ways of cultivating mind: no anger, no care, and no complaint.

    Reading inspiration: books are women’s spiritual wealth, and also the best beauty of women.


    Book 12: "Elegance"

    Introduction: This book is a collection of women essays written by Xiao Xue, the editor-in-chief of ELLE.


    Book 13: "Psychology and Eloquence Skills"

    Introduction: This set of books comprehensively and systematically reveals the application of psychology in eloquence skills.


    Be willing to share and good at sharing. Let the people around you who love reading lead more people to read and share their reading stories. Five "Excellent Reading Stars" and eight "reading Stars" were selected as encouragement. At the meeting, President Lin proposed that the type and scope of reading should not be limited, reading is beneficial! With a positive attitude, all book content sharing will be a positive impact, full of positive energy infection!

    So far, the reading activity has come to a successful ending! But the feeling and inspiration brought by reading are still unforgettable in our memory. Let's continue to meet, read with you, and dance with poetry! Enjoy the reading world and life!


    Don't hurry on  reading, let the fragrance of books infiltrate daily life,  appreciating The infinite beauty of reading,feeling the good time soaked by the fragrance of books

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